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Eliminate Your Debt With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge means that all unsecured creditors will be wiped out or eliminated. In most instances you will be able to keep your home, vehicles, and personal property. When you have a large amount of debt you cannot pay, filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be your best option. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not have a limit how much debt you are allowed to eliminate. Unsecured debts may include credit cards, medical bills, payday loans and certain unsecured banking loans.

Freedom From Collectors And Lawsuits

If you're being harassed by creditors, have pending lawsuits, or are facing a foreclosure, then filing for bankruptcy can help you. One of the most important benefits of filing for Chapter 7 is the automatic stay, which is that it halts all legal proceedings.

Get Your Life Back

You shouldn't have to spend your life being threatened and harassed by creditors, have to give up your home or your car, or spend all of you time worrying. Let Chelsea A. Whitley help you by filing for bankruptcy so that you can eliminate your debt and get your life back on track. The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Code is for consumer protection.

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